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Hire Agreement:

When hiring an inflatable from us, we will provide you a quality unit but in return expect you as the customer to follow reasonable safety guidelines when using the inflatable to ensure that there are no accidents or problems. Please read the following guidelines thoroughly and retain for your information. You will be expected to ensure it is followed throughout the period of your hire. Our delivery driver will bring an additional copy, which we will ask you to sign for our records.

  • Our children's inflatables are designed for children up to the age of 13 years old.  Please ensure that nobody over this age uses the equipment. Adults are only allowed to use the Adult/Children's Castle.

  • The children's inflatable(s) must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

  • The electric blower will be placed so as not to cause an obstruction or trip hazard. Children should not be allowed in the area of the blower.

  • The Inflatable should be erected on a smooth surface free of sharp or rough objects. The space required aslo needs to be free from any dog droppings, trees, washing lines and plants etc.

  • Under no circumstances must the users of the inflatable sit, climb or hang on the walls as it is dangerous and classed as misuse. Somersaults are also forbidden.

  • Inflatables are fixed to the ground using metal pegs or sandbags and these can be a trip hazard therefore care should be taken in these areas.

  • Once installed inflatable should not be moved.

  • Do not enter inflatable during inflation or deflation as this is unsafe.

  • All shoes, footwear, jewellery, badges and spectacles must be removed before entering inflatable.

  • Children spectating or waiting to enter should stay clear of the very front of the inflatable.

  • Please ensure no sharp objects, pets or toys are taken on to the inflatable. Strictly no food, drink, chewing gum, glasses, face paint, etc to be taken on the inflatable.
  • Smoking/barbecues should not be permitted in or around the inflatable. 

  • The Inflatable should not be used if it becomes wet on the jumping area. If no shower cover is fitted in the event of rain, the unit should not be used.

  • In the event of heavy rain, it is strongly recommended that the Inflatable is switched off and covered. Once the rain has stopped any wetness including bubbling (which is normal) can be dried with a towel.

  • Small children should not be on the inflatable with larger children at the same time.

  • In the event of damage to the inflatable due to misuse or malicious acts the hirer will be responsible for the cost of repair or in severe cases the amount of £1600 for the unit to be replaced.

  • A cleaning charge of £25 will be made to the hirer in the event that restricted items, mentioned above, are taken on to the inflatable, or the inflatable is returned in a condition beyond what would be expected from normal use.

  • Bounce Busters holds 5 million pounds Public Liability Insurance, which indemnifies the company and not the hirer. We shall ensure that our equipment is properly maintained and erected in a safe and proper manner. We shall also give two copies of the rules to the hirer who will sign and return one copy to the company on delivery.

Member of the British Inflatable Hirers Association

INFLATABLES FOR HIRE  - Telephone 07999 530064 (Daytime) 01604 705737 (Evening)
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